For many of us, Christmas means being away from home, either on holiday or visiting family and friends. The downside of the festive season is that thieves are only too aware of the opportunities the Christmas period presents. Not only have our homes been left unattended, but there is a high chance of finding valuable Christmas presents at the property. As well as taking other security measures, installing a high-quality safe can help prevent your valuables being stolen, as well as ensure your home insurance requirements are being met.

Types Of Home Safe

There are a number of different safes to choose from. Which type you choose will depend on the size of the items you wish to store and their value. Options include:

  • Stand Alone Safe – more convenient as no installation is required but they are vulnerable to being moved.
  • Wall Safe – easily concealed, these safes won’t take up valuable floor space but you will need to have it professionally installed on a suitable wall.
  • Floor Safe – a floor safe will add value to your home and is very hard for a thief to break in to. However, installation can be tricky and they are not easily removed.
  • Fire Safe – ideal for protecting documents, a fire safe offers superior protection against heat. Not ideal for other items as they can’t be bolted down.
  • Jewellery Safe – a specialist safe with a soft lining and shaped compartments for rings, bracelets and watches etc. Not suitable for larger items.

Advantages Of A Home Safe

If you keep cash in your home or other portable items with a high value, it’s worth investing in a high-quality, non-portable safe to store them in. Locking your doors and windows, having lights on timers and keeping your holiday plans to yourself will also help deter thieves.

Home Safe Installation Nowra

Protect your valuables this Christmas with a new safe. Ison Lock & Key can professionally install your safe ensuring your jewellery, cash, electronics and other important documents remain protected while you are away. Contact us  – your local Nowra Locksmith – today.