Locking yourself out of your home after a night out or after spending a tiring and stressful day at work is truly a dreadful scenario. Fortunately, there are simple ways to save yourself from this scenario. Read on and discover how to avoid getting locked out.

Ensure That You Have Your Keys With You Before Locking Up

It may seem a no-brainer, but this is the simplest and most foolproof way to avoid getting locked out. Before you lock your door and leave your home, double-check where your keys are. See to it that they are always on your person before leaving. To reduce the risk of you forgetting your keys, place them in a location where you can easily see and access them before going out.

Keep Spare Keys

If you’re prone to locking yourself out, consider making duplicate keys. Stash them away in a secure location at work or leave them in the care of a trusted neighbour, friend, or relative.

Consider Going Keyless

With a keyless system, you can finally stop locking yourself out. As the name suggests, keyless locks eliminate the need to use a physical key to unlock a door or gate. All you need is to enter a code or scan your fingerprint in order to enter your home. Keyless systems are secure and convenient. Plus, they can be easily installed by a professional locksmith.

Use A Master Key System

This tip can be handy for those who live in a flat or apartment complex. If your landlord doesn’t use a master key system, you could always suggest this to them. Not only can a master key system be useful for maintenance checks, it is also a great way to prevent potential lockouts in the future.

Put A Trusted Locksmith In Your Speed Dial

If you still manage to lock yourself out despite all these tips on how not to lock yourself out then your only option is to enlist the services of a trusted locksmith. To avoid further inconvenience, see to it that you include a local locksmith like Ison Lock & Key in your contacts.